Friday, January 22, 2010

Welcome to Lethbridge

As we crossed the border, we were amazed at the huge graineries and very flat farmlands This is our little house that the mission found for us to rent. We live in the upstairs, 2 girls are renting the basement.
Entry-way: we all take our shoes off before going into the house.
A few pictures of the inside:
Members donated furniture
This quilt came from Grandma Roxie: she loved purple
We have a great little kitchen:
We each have our own desk for studying
This is what we woke up to our first day: can you see the cord plugged into the engine?? Our first experience with Canadian snow
It was really -21 degrees our first week (that's in F,not C)
So- we scraped snow off windows.....
And shoveled snow off sidewalks - are we having fun yet?? Our first Monday in the mission was DDM (District Development Meeting) <
After the meeting the zone goes to the mall food-court for lunch
We have really learned to love these elders - they are wonderful missionaries - serving the Lord is GREAT!!
After almost a week of really cold and snow, the CHINOOK came and started to melt the snow. These winds come and bring warmer temperatures and we thought our house was going to blow away. The Canadians have learned how to protect themselves against the high winds and we did survive!!
Our assignment is to work with the Young Single Adults in all of Lethbridge. This includes the 2 institutes: this is what they do at institute:
This is just a sample of the cute YSA that we have met!!

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