Friday, January 22, 2010

Welcome to Lethbridge

As we crossed the border, we were amazed at the huge graineries and very flat farmlands This is our little house that the mission found for us to rent. We live in the upstairs, 2 girls are renting the basement.
Entry-way: we all take our shoes off before going into the house.
A few pictures of the inside:
Members donated furniture
This quilt came from Grandma Roxie: she loved purple
We have a great little kitchen:
We each have our own desk for studying
This is what we woke up to our first day: can you see the cord plugged into the engine?? Our first experience with Canadian snow
It was really -21 degrees our first week (that's in F,not C)
So- we scraped snow off windows.....
And shoveled snow off sidewalks - are we having fun yet?? Our first Monday in the mission was DDM (District Development Meeting) <
After the meeting the zone goes to the mall food-court for lunch
We have really learned to love these elders - they are wonderful missionaries - serving the Lord is GREAT!!
After almost a week of really cold and snow, the CHINOOK came and started to melt the snow. These winds come and bring warmer temperatures and we thought our house was going to blow away. The Canadians have learned how to protect themselves against the high winds and we did survive!!
Our assignment is to work with the Young Single Adults in all of Lethbridge. This includes the 2 institutes: this is what they do at institute:
This is just a sample of the cute YSA that we have met!!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

MTC experience and off to Canada

We arrived in Salt Lake City, Sunday, Dec. 27
~one day to go~
This is my sister, Pam Thacker, and some of her family for Sunday dinner.
Pam, Steve, Annette, me, Russell, Shelly & Tim, Marjean

The morning of MTC day: do we look like Elder & Sister Owens? Steve & Pam sent us off on our

Awesome Adventure!!

We took one more detour to meet up with grandchildren:
Mykee & Bryton who were in Utah with their dad.

Mykee and Lanny share a birthday: Dec. 29th, so we met them for breakfast at Paradise Bakery in Lehi. Spencer & Alisha also were there - sorry we don't have you in the picture!?!

Well, we made it - official "Elder & Sister"

This is the senior missionary dorm - good thing it wasn't too far to walk to classes and eating
Oh, we made one other stop to change to snow tires because
our mission President told us to, and we believe in being
obedient. The two tires on top were supposed to come to Canada with us, but we discovered that they made a horrible noise when our speed got to 60 mph. So - they have a home at Pam's for the next 18 months??!?
This was our first teaching experience with a 'real' person (MTC volunteer). Don't know how much she learned, but we really had fun visiting with her!!

This young elder lived in our ward when he was younger and he had just gotten his Visa to go to Brazil the day we got there - he had been waiting a couple extra weeks. They still had Christmas lights on and it was snowing - we got a little taste of the cold to get us ready for CANADA!!

Elder Owens got a birthday package ON HIS BIRTHDAY
thanks, Chris & Christy!!

Wanted you to see how much it snowed while we were at the MTC

I didn't know if I should post this: We look kind of tired, but that's how busy they kept us. We were taught in 5 days what the young missionaries get in 3 weeks

Hope we can remember it when we get to Canada to work with all those Young Single Adults!! We needed computer help, so made a stop at Alisha's parents' home So we got to give Pierce & Ethan hugs goodbye

Picked up the bottled chicken at Pam's and headed down the road - did I mention that Spencer had to make a quick trip to Centerville to bring us the Almond Joys that came all the way from Arizona (hahaha)

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas day and farewell to AZ

Making the 'rounds' on Christmas morning :) Levi & Emily Came Too!!
They brought doughnuts to every house
1st Stop: Spencer & Alisha's house
Spiderman boys: Ethan Davis Pierce
Raymond & Karie & kids:
Westin, Rusty, Kennady & Madison
Ryan & Hillary's boys:
Carson & Tag
Rick & Michelle - great doughnuts!!
All of Lanny's birds flew the coup (not really, he took them to our friends - the Augustin's - from whom they originally came)
But two survived and made it to Michelle's - looks like Dylin has adopted them - we'll see if they survive?!? Next stop: Brian & Mairsy's home - they had a great morning!! Warm & toasty in front of their (fake) fireplace
Jayden, Sage, Mairsy, Brian
Ashton & Grady
Our last stop was the Queen Creek group - Brad & JaNae's family
Bronson showing his train set to Emily
SET APART AS FULL-TIME MISSIONARIES BY Pres. Mike Toone of the Mesa East Stake. We did it in the Relief Society Room at the stake center with most of our children, some grandchildren, special friends and relatives present. What a special blessing!! We are excited, scared, ready, sad, eager (maybe not so much to leave) to get this adventure started!!!!
Sat. morning - day after Christmas
18 months of life packed into one van - hope it makes it
**notice the bottles of chicken in the back? We were told chicken was very expensive Canada and so took some with us - only problem: we were told they might freeze (and burst) if left in the cold car overnight. So - out of the car came the 4 cases of chicken - into the warm motel room - back into the car the next morning. We were 'babysitting' chicken all the way to Canada - hahaha
Happy missionaries (sniff, sniff) off to CANADA
by way of Provo - MTC - here we come!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

The Farewell - aka Sacrament talks

We talked in sacrament meeting and good friends came to support us: This is the Olsen Family - we love them so much!! Thanks for coming
Jake, Brad, Halyee, Marcy, Brittney (sorry if I spelled you wrong) and that's only part of them Lanny's sister, Jeannette & Eben - they traveled from Showlow and braved the coming storm to return home - thanks!! Lanny's brother: Collins & Linda (they just came from Mesa - but we thank them for coming, t00)
just kidding - we love you
us Mormons have to eat after everything, huh?? Our home was filled with good friends and family. Thank heavens that day is over (I mean the talks)

Our Fun Christmas - Family, Family & more Family

When the family gets together..... There will always be fun & competition to the MAX!! This is a game of speed UNO and I don't think we could have gotten any more of us around that table! And ~ our Christmas Party ~ We had everyone there for Posole soup and all the Owens' Christmas traditions.
These are our GREAT children and spouses

Michelle & Rick Rigby

JaNae & Brad Heath

Raymond & Karie Owens
Spencer & Alisha Owens
Brian & Mairsy Owens
Hillary & Ryan Meacham

Christy & Chris Horne

Levi & Emily Yeager

This is the way we get the "Dancing Doll" going: EVERYONE must sing & clap - we had a room full of family
Sadelle & Rylee tried their best to get those dolls dancing!!
OOOPS Sadelle!!! Santa came and was AMAZED AT OUR SNOWMAN There were presents hidden inside and the kids could hardly wait This is how the SNOWMAN 'melted': I think Ethan's present might be next?? IS THE DUMB BABY HERE YET?? This little doll comes from across the ocean from Denmark to visit each year. Can you guess her name to wake her up?? Lyndee? Her name is Lyndee - wake up Lyndee! This doll is a special friend of Santa Clause and even tho she can't speak, she knows the answers to all the children's questions about what will be under the tree this year. What questions would you ask?? THE CHRISTMAS PIG He comes and 'deposits' candy for the children If you are under 3 you will probably be scared of him!!
Goodbye "Pig"