Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Christmas day and farewell to AZ

Making the 'rounds' on Christmas morning :) Levi & Emily Came Too!!
They brought doughnuts to every house
1st Stop: Spencer & Alisha's house
Spiderman boys: Ethan Davis Pierce
Raymond & Karie & kids:
Westin, Rusty, Kennady & Madison
Ryan & Hillary's boys:
Carson & Tag
Rick & Michelle - great doughnuts!!
All of Lanny's birds flew the coup (not really, he took them to our friends - the Augustin's - from whom they originally came)
But two survived and made it to Michelle's - looks like Dylin has adopted them - we'll see if they survive?!? Next stop: Brian & Mairsy's home - they had a great morning!! Warm & toasty in front of their (fake) fireplace
Jayden, Sage, Mairsy, Brian
Ashton & Grady
Our last stop was the Queen Creek group - Brad & JaNae's family
Bronson showing his train set to Emily
SET APART AS FULL-TIME MISSIONARIES BY Pres. Mike Toone of the Mesa East Stake. We did it in the Relief Society Room at the stake center with most of our children, some grandchildren, special friends and relatives present. What a special blessing!! We are excited, scared, ready, sad, eager (maybe not so much to leave) to get this adventure started!!!!
Sat. morning - day after Christmas
18 months of life packed into one van - hope it makes it
**notice the bottles of chicken in the back? We were told chicken was very expensive Canada and so took some with us - only problem: we were told they might freeze (and burst) if left in the cold car overnight. So - out of the car came the 4 cases of chicken - into the warm motel room - back into the car the next morning. We were 'babysitting' chicken all the way to Canada - hahaha
Happy missionaries (sniff, sniff) off to CANADA
by way of Provo - MTC - here we come!!

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