Friday, January 8, 2010

Our Fun Christmas - Family, Family & more Family

When the family gets together..... There will always be fun & competition to the MAX!! This is a game of speed UNO and I don't think we could have gotten any more of us around that table! And ~ our Christmas Party ~ We had everyone there for Posole soup and all the Owens' Christmas traditions.
These are our GREAT children and spouses

Michelle & Rick Rigby

JaNae & Brad Heath

Raymond & Karie Owens
Spencer & Alisha Owens
Brian & Mairsy Owens
Hillary & Ryan Meacham

Christy & Chris Horne

Levi & Emily Yeager

This is the way we get the "Dancing Doll" going: EVERYONE must sing & clap - we had a room full of family
Sadelle & Rylee tried their best to get those dolls dancing!!
OOOPS Sadelle!!! Santa came and was AMAZED AT OUR SNOWMAN There were presents hidden inside and the kids could hardly wait This is how the SNOWMAN 'melted': I think Ethan's present might be next?? IS THE DUMB BABY HERE YET?? This little doll comes from across the ocean from Denmark to visit each year. Can you guess her name to wake her up?? Lyndee? Her name is Lyndee - wake up Lyndee! This doll is a special friend of Santa Clause and even tho she can't speak, she knows the answers to all the children's questions about what will be under the tree this year. What questions would you ask?? THE CHRISTMAS PIG He comes and 'deposits' candy for the children If you are under 3 you will probably be scared of him!!
Goodbye "Pig"

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