Friday, July 2, 2010

Keeping busy - 6 Month Mark

At the end of April, we drove to Banff, British Columbia to meet our cousins who were there on a business trip. We went on a beautiful & SNOWY hike up Johnston Canyon to view a waterfall. It was fun being with Bill & Stacey and getting cold and wet!!

Lake Louise was still frozen over, hope to go later
in the summer and see it unfrozen.

Elder Owens cooked his famous banana, pecan pancakes for the Elders
and Sisters on the day of interviews.

Thanks to Aunty Pam for helping
to get the: fabulous Idaho Pancake Flour!!

Then we did something crazy - have any of you see this AcTiViTy before???

FIRST: you get long johns red long johns

SECOND: stuff them with as many
balloons as you can fit - EvErYwHeRe

THIRD: you get something like the

"Fruit of the Loom" guys

FOURTH: they have to pop the balloons without using their hands

FIFTH: you let everyone else help!!!

I think the ones watching had side-aches from laughing after it was all over.
Thanks for being good sports, Elders. (actually they have to be obedient :)

OK - we thought we were thru with
THE SNOW - yes, May 6th

probably 2 inches of wet stuff!!
and we already packed our
ice scrapers away

Then it got beautiful, again.
These elders are playing 'frisbee golf'.
There is a serious course at one of the parks.
They have different frisbee's: drivers, putters, and frisbee's that 'fall' to the left or right.
Has anyone done this before? It is serious - well, they take it pretty seriously.

This is Elder Madsen - one of our AZ


OOOOOh, by the way, it SnOOwed again: May

The saying goes in Lethbridge:
If you don't like the weather,
wait 5 minutes!!!

But then it got pretty again & we had the opportunity to help with a ward
Relief Society activity - dutch oven cooking in the back yard!!

Elder Owens was excited - the sister
in charge had alot of neat equipment and made it work in that small space.

We had another appointment - so SAD - didn't get to stay and taste!
They said a mission would be sacrifice.....

This is Elder Owens and one of the zone leaders on a trip down to the border to visit the ward in our zone that is just over the border into Montana. Look how pretty and green it is - we have had alot of rain in the last few weeks!!


We helped the YSA with their conference: One morning, it was a service project for the local Food Bank. This is Sister Owens with the full-time sisters.

Elder Owens with FTM at the park feeding them all hamburgers - probably cooked 500 of them tastey things!!

This is our zone at a p-day BBQ in a members back yard - beautiful view overlooking the Coulee (river valley)

Another interesting tradition that we are becoming aware of is: Tie-Trading~ Can't understand the excitment!! (guess, cuz I'm not a guy)

(the far-side of this lake is in the U.S.A.)
Cameron Lake
Beautiful green forest with water running everywhere - the top was covered with snow, so we didn't go that far - but that's ok for a couple of
Senior Missionaries!!!

And on the way back - we saw a momma bear and her 3 cubs by the side of the road. All of a sudden, cars were stopped going both directions, couldn't
figure out what was going on, but soon saw..... sooooo cute - from a distance!!


We went with a family in our stake to the ball park
to SEE THIS......

You all
enjoy the
for us up here!!!