Friday, December 25, 2009

Chocolate houses & grandkids

Had to do one more round of chocolate houses - had to use up the chocolate!! Grandaughters: Lyndee, Hayden & Rylee

Grandsons: Ashton, Ethan, Grady & Pierce

JaNae's oldest: Cash & Brogan It was a great day to make a mess, play with cousins and spend an afternoon at Grandma's. We made 9 houses and used ALOT of candy.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Thanksgiving - Family Olympics

Team were divided up: Emily, Cash, Chris, Rick & Rylee, Alisha & Ethan
Ryan & Tag, Levi, Christy, JaNae & Hayden & Marley, Bryton Brad & Bronson, Brogan, Michelle & Dylin, Hillary & Carson, Mykee, Spencer & Pierce
Rick & Chris 'working' the Hula Hoop
Relay races:
Michelle & Emily 'eating pie'
What a Great Family fun time THANKSGIVING 2009

Calgary or Bust!!

A shopping trip to Utah provided some interesting finds to help us keep warm in 30 below weather.
"Did someone say COLD???"

The Adventure Begins...And so does Blogging!!

Papers went in on October 1st - call came October 22nd - Canada Calgary Mission!! Report to MTC, Provo, Dec. 28, 2009
So began the search for warm, wool things - not to be found in Mesa, Arizona. Success came from ordering online and my sister, Pam: expert resident of cold Utah!! (but not near as cold as where we will be for 18 months!!!!!! brrr....)
So begin the quest to spend as much time as possible with 8 children, their spouses, and 26 BEAUTIFUL GRANDCHILDREN