Thursday, January 14, 2010

MTC experience and off to Canada

We arrived in Salt Lake City, Sunday, Dec. 27
~one day to go~
This is my sister, Pam Thacker, and some of her family for Sunday dinner.
Pam, Steve, Annette, me, Russell, Shelly & Tim, Marjean

The morning of MTC day: do we look like Elder & Sister Owens? Steve & Pam sent us off on our

Awesome Adventure!!

We took one more detour to meet up with grandchildren:
Mykee & Bryton who were in Utah with their dad.

Mykee and Lanny share a birthday: Dec. 29th, so we met them for breakfast at Paradise Bakery in Lehi. Spencer & Alisha also were there - sorry we don't have you in the picture!?!

Well, we made it - official "Elder & Sister"

This is the senior missionary dorm - good thing it wasn't too far to walk to classes and eating
Oh, we made one other stop to change to snow tires because
our mission President told us to, and we believe in being
obedient. The two tires on top were supposed to come to Canada with us, but we discovered that they made a horrible noise when our speed got to 60 mph. So - they have a home at Pam's for the next 18 months??!?
This was our first teaching experience with a 'real' person (MTC volunteer). Don't know how much she learned, but we really had fun visiting with her!!

This young elder lived in our ward when he was younger and he had just gotten his Visa to go to Brazil the day we got there - he had been waiting a couple extra weeks. They still had Christmas lights on and it was snowing - we got a little taste of the cold to get us ready for CANADA!!

Elder Owens got a birthday package ON HIS BIRTHDAY
thanks, Chris & Christy!!

Wanted you to see how much it snowed while we were at the MTC

I didn't know if I should post this: We look kind of tired, but that's how busy they kept us. We were taught in 5 days what the young missionaries get in 3 weeks

Hope we can remember it when we get to Canada to work with all those Young Single Adults!! We needed computer help, so made a stop at Alisha's parents' home So we got to give Pierce & Ethan hugs goodbye

Picked up the bottled chicken at Pam's and headed down the road - did I mention that Spencer had to make a quick trip to Centerville to bring us the Almond Joys that came all the way from Arizona (hahaha)

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