Friday, January 8, 2010

The Farewell - aka Sacrament talks

We talked in sacrament meeting and good friends came to support us: This is the Olsen Family - we love them so much!! Thanks for coming
Jake, Brad, Halyee, Marcy, Brittney (sorry if I spelled you wrong) and that's only part of them Lanny's sister, Jeannette & Eben - they traveled from Showlow and braved the coming storm to return home - thanks!! Lanny's brother: Collins & Linda (they just came from Mesa - but we thank them for coming, t00)
just kidding - we love you
us Mormons have to eat after everything, huh?? Our home was filled with good friends and family. Thank heavens that day is over (I mean the talks)

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  1. look at your great posts! good job Mom, you really did a good job with these. LoveYou!