Sunday, January 16, 2011


Elder Owens did a lot of snow shoveling to try and keep ahead -  BUT  the snow always won!!

Snow can be beautiful and we manage to keep warm and still work - remember: it is run to the car, hurry into the building, take the coats, gloves, scarves and boots off.  Enjoy the meetings, then repeat.  After all, we are from Arizona and this is quite an adventure!

And we enjoy the 'wildlife' around town!! Elder Owens did get stuck in a snow drift trying to run down chase a cat - hahaha

This is the result of the Elders showing their love and appreciation for Elder Owens (they wouldn't tease him, if they didn't like him, eh?)

The mission President and his wife loaded their car (Santa's sleigh) with all the mail and Christmas packages for the mission and spent many hours on the road delivering.  We met them in the parking lot of the Stake Center and loaded our van with the Lethbridge Zone's goodies and....

made lots of elders and sisters happy Christmas Eve day!!!

 Christmas Eve dinner with our YSA Elders and a young man from the ward.
Christmas dinner with a wonderful Dutch family - YSA son who has been reactivated.
This was a 5 course gormet tmeal cooked by Dad (Bro. Joosten).  We ate and socialized for 3 hours!! It was a wonderful ending to a beautiful 'White Christmas'


 Spiritual highs - Mission tour with visitng Seventy: Elder Zivic and his wife (center).

Baptisms - Elder Owens was asked to baptize a Young Single Adult named, Gino.

 Lessons - Elder Owens 'burning' a hole in Elder Porter's shirt (Lesson on Repentance)

Full-time Elders and Sisters - this was a picture of the zone the day before transfers.
How we love working, helping, and teaching with these 'Angels in Mortal Clothing'

YES, it can get pretty cold (-22 C), but our hearts and souls are warm in our testimony  of Jesus Christ and the joy His plan of Happiness brings to those we teach!!
May this coming year bring blessings and love.
Elder and Sister Owens

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  1. This is a cute post Mom! You're a good writer! I love these pictures, so cute :) so are we going to see any pictures with green grass before you leave?! When does winter end there?! Love you, miss you :)