Sunday, November 7, 2010


Elder Owens continues to make breakfast visits at least twice around during the 6 week transfer.  He goes to each of the elders apartments. (When it's the Sisters - Sis. Owens goes too)

Elder Lewis enjoyed the pancakes
Elder Greenwell - below

We went thru 50 pounds of pancake flour from Idaho!!

Elder Mott - one hungry Elder

Elder Flygar wanted French toast

Elder D'Apuzzo - from Italy
Sisters Mortimer, Owens, Tomlinson

Elder Owens learned he had a hidden talent - Barbershopping  cutting hair.

Elder Davis, one of the Zone Leaders
Elder Estupinan (below)

These elders needed to get 'trimmed up' for interviews with the Mission President!!
As it turns out, he did this a million years ago when he was in the army
     Hey, how wrong can you go with a buzz cut??

We also have enjoyed serving the old (we don't like that word) fun people at an assisted living center near our home.  The ladies and gents like to listen to music and some can't resist actually dancing!!  

How much fun should senior missionaries have???  Come on a mission and find out!
Sometimes we even get invited to dinner:
One of the YSA (young single adults) Bishops' home
AND.....the elders treat us really well:
yes...they are mowing our yard in their GOOD clothes!!
Elder D'Apuzzo

sorry mom - Elder Crowther

On a side note:
being from Arizona,
 we don't get to see much
of this at home.... least not in the desert part of AZ

Enjoy your fall - wherever you are!!!
~~We are enjoying Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada~~

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  1. Hi Margie, Thanks for saying "hi" on my blog! Your blog is so neat. It will be so cool to have all of these mission memories preserved! I think of you and Lannie as a wonderful example of a righteous, fun, and loving people. We just love Michelle and think your family is really great! : )