Wednesday, October 20, 2010


We were blessed to have Elder Zivic of the Seventy come to our mission. The missionaries enjoyed a wonderful day with him teaching us.  He and his wife spoke and we felt the spirit strongly and were ready to go out and work harder than ever!!

The Canada Calgary Mission has set a goal to baptize 2,600 people in the next two years while the temple is being built. That is a whole stake to be converted before the temple is dedicated.  This chart is how they are keeping track of the baptisms.  They will uncover each part of the temple, as the baptisms take place.

Our zone has been blessed with quit a few baptisms already this month. This is a picture of a Young Single Adult whom Elder Owens was asked to baptize: Gino. This young man has done a lot to change his life.  How blessed we were to be part of that and watch the spirit work on him through his conversion!!

And...a small miracle happened.  The camera went down into the baptismal font, tucked away in Elder Owens' pocket.  No amount of CPR or resuscitation could bring it out of it's coma. It slept for 2 days in the bag of rice and 'lo and behold' IT WOKE UP. The poor camera has a few lingering handicaps, but it is taking pictures again!!!

Bye for now - will post more soon.


  1. You and dad are so cute! I'm glad you 2 are having the greatest time! And I am so happy that the camera woke up;) 8 more months-crazy!!!

  2. this post is sooo cute Mom! And I like your background too :) Love you!

  3. Thanks C&C - Emily fixed it up for us!