Saturday, September 11, 2010

It's September and University has started

....and these crazy Candadians like to have their fun!!
It's time for Welcome Out Week for the Institute and it's 45 degrees out and raining ~ but that doesn't stop the YSA "Slip n' Slide" activity!!!

slide anyway you can
some are crazier than others

put on a garbage bag and coat with dish soap

 and slide on down!!!

 this is the way the missionaries do it!!!



  1. Mom, you look so cute and cold under that umbrella! Looks like there's never a dull moment in Lethbridge!

  2. Brother Owens it is good to see you in the field reaping the harvest with your eternal mate by your side.:) I am a member from IL.on a cold evening with the desire for answers I ask in prayer if there was more that I felt in my heart there was. Three days later in the evening two young men came to my door, that was in Dec of 1978. As I continued to grow spiritually it was my blessing to see a video with your member missionary method of introducing the gospel in a non-threatening way. I have treasured a copy I have would you please send me a digital copy, or if necessary I will gladly pay postage and packaging to have you send it to me. I have a son I might be able to reach with it. Feel free to email me at, thank you for your gift to all of us. :) Sister Karen Brierley