Monday, April 19, 2010

Has it been FOUR months?!? Time flies when you are busy...

The mission in Lethbridge has been busy, fun and rewarding. We have met so many Young Single Adults - don't ask us what all their names are, tho. It has been rewarding working with some of them and helping them change their lives and set eternal goals. The mission President also has told us that he is grateful for our involvement and help with the full-time Elders and Sisters. How blessed we have been to help these servants of the Lord teach, to have participated with them on p-day activities, and fed them quite a few times!!
The following are some pictures of what we have been up to for the last 2 months:
Another trip to the Temple in Cardston with our elders. Yes there is still snow on the ground! There are a few things we can't get up here: these are Canadian Oreos & they are not the same as Oreos from the US - we did a taste test. So the missionaries are always glad when we get a 'shipment' from someone in the states. The other thing we brought with us was a LARGE can of Rosarita refried beans -we made Tostados - the Elders and Sisters were happy - so you see. They are so silly!! So you remember the Olympics were in Canada? Did anyone watch the Curling Competition? Well, we learned how to curl: it's kind of like shuffleboard on ice, except the puck (rock) weighs about 40 lbs.
They had us all line up and practice "sweeping" with a broom The old people (the pros) behind the glass, drinking their coffee, got a great laugh out of us!!
So, you sweep really hard to get the rock to go faster - it is really harder than it looks
When you 'throw' the rock, you are not supposed to end up like this - hahaha
Elder Owens did a pretty good job of 'throwing' even tho the rock didn't get to the target very often.
This is an official Olympic torch that was carried through Lethbridge on its way to Vancouver official outfit worn by the torch carrier: isn't Elder Owens cute??
Now: a silly game made up by one of the missionaries: "The chocolate mint race"
The object is to start the mint on your forehead and by wiggling your eyebrows, your nose, your cheeks - or any other facial muscle - getting it down into your mouth without touching it.
This is a FHE group from one of the YSA wards trying it out.
The funniest part of this game is watching others trying: finally got Elder Owens to try
I think he finally got it!! And Sister Owens, chocolate lover, gets it every time!!
Elder Owens keeps in touch with the Elders by going to their apartments, cooking pancakes for breakfast and then polishing their shoes. They each get an 'LOI' in the process.
You don't know what an LOI is, you ask: it is a Lanny Owens Interview
This Elder Moore was the unlucky one to get the repentance lesson on his new white shirt.
He is from Gilbert, AZ which is near our home, we love our Arizona missionaries!!!
The Elders found and taught this young man in our home: Allen Stephen. Allen asked Elder Owens to baptize and confirm him. He is 18, living on his own and has a strong testimony.
Isn't Spring here, yet?? This is 8 inches of snow that fell on Lethbridge April 12 & 13. It was a very wet and heavy snow - our little tree needed help, so Sister Owens put on her boots and helped it stand tall again. The missionaries cars were 'grounded' for the morning and one of their cars: the Chevy across the street had a flat tire. After noon, the elders came, had to dig it out of the snow and change the tire. They also helped a couple of our neighbors dig out, and by the time they were thru, they were sweating. The sun had come out and it wasn't really that cold: 40 degrees.
We helped with the closing dance for the Institute and the YSA. It was a big deal, formal dance.
**This next bit is an example of missionary traditions. How many of you returned missionaries 'burned' things at 6 months, 1 year, 18 months, and the end? Crazy!!
These two Elders came out together and celebrated their year mark by burning a shirt (and catching themselves alittle burn in the wind) Lethbridge is famous for it's hurricane force winds in the spring!!!
Even the sisters get in on the traditions: Sis. Jackson goes home in 3 weeks. So she is burning a whole outfit: jacket, blouse, and skirt. Polyester stinks when it burns!! Notice the hairspray can on the ground? That was the fuel (the elders used insect repellent spray) CRAZY!?!
This is our district. We were together for a lunch because the Sister next to me got sick with Mono and the President is sending her home - even tho she only has 3 weeks left :(
We love being of service to these Angels in Suits & Skirts. Remember to be a missionary whenever you can!! We are happy, well, and busy here in Lethbridge, Canada!!

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